“I, Me and Myself” – Wednesday Write Tribe Challenge

Words That Motivate   - a-leap-of-faith

I work daily to discover the better parts of me.  There are days when I think I know myself , then out of nowhere some stranger appears. We think we know who we are, but there is more than one person buried layer upon layer — just waiting to be peeled away and used in as many ways as there are layers.

I am who I choose to be today, You and I can take giant leaps of faith and be superheroes today, but tomorrow I can be hovered in a corner by myself after an attack of life’s occasional shot of kryptonite. Each day is an adventure for me.  I just peek out from under the covers, determine the mood of the day, and either pull out my cape to tackle whatever the fearsome world throws at me or I search for covering that I find appropriate to pull myself through yet another journey of unknown discovery.

I, Me & Myself – Write Tribe Wednesday Prompt 9-17-14

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