On This Gray & Mizzly Day

On this gray & mizzly day I sit and contemplate life and its natural movements from birth to death. Every day the movement continues its miraculous and mysterious ebb & flow that in one motion brings incredible joy and in another overwhelming sadness.

This week my family struggles through the aftermath of that crashing wave of death — inevitable, but always a stunning crash of painful reality, as in an unpredicted hurricane. We are tossed and turned and often turned upside down, struggling to regain footing after the storm has passed.

Life is so mysteriously wonderful — filled with things that uplift our spirits and others that teach us lessons, plant precious memories, and create unexpected ties that bind.

As humans,  we naturally look forward to good winds and sunny days, but we are never ready for heavy rains and roaring winds at the other end of the spectrum; that too just seems like a natural part of our ebb & flow.

God grant us acceptance for those things we can not change…


Woman Power – Fluttering on Wings of Unity


I write for those women who do not speak, for those who do not have a voice because they were so terrified, because we are taught to respect fear more than ourselves. We’ve been taught that silence would save us, but it won’t.

Words of Audre Lorde -Carribean American Writer


I love that my mother and grandmother planted seeds of power and relilence in me. As a woman I, like so many other women, battle to maintain a continuous balance against who we truly are and the mixed messages that we so often hear about what our roles should be.

We, as women, hold the keys to the universe. Without us there is no universe.  Even in the game of chess, the Queen is the most powerful piece on the board.


We must recognize and accept our naturally powerful nature and raise our daughters to use their power without sacrificing the beauty of their womanhood. March 8th is designated as “International Women’s Day” which celebrates the economic, political and social contributions of women. This is not only a celebration of women political leaders, women financial leaders or those who have publicly affected social change. Every woman, from every station in life, can be instrumental in changing the world. One of my favorite quotes is: “The flutter of a butterfly’s wings can move a mountain half way across the world”.

Every women has the power of a butterfly’s wings not only in her voice but in her small daily actions of encouragement, of sacrifice, of caring. Her voice and actions can influence and change so much more than we can imagine individually.

Let us vow to flutter our wings in unison and multiply our incredible power to make our world a much better place in which to live.

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disease. A pathological condition of a part, organ, or system of an organism resulting from various causes, such as infection, genetic defect, or environmental stress, and characterized by an identifiable group of signs or symptoms.

Domestic Abuse – A very debilitating condition that often weakens one to the point of suicide if the disease doesn’t kill them first.

As human beings we are all subject to disease of some kind — some as frightening as “The Big C”, Cancer or The Ebola Virus, the world’s most recent epidemic.  But other diseases are more sinister, existing quietly in our midst, right next door, or just in the next room in our very own homes. The sounds and images of Domestic Violence – a truly pathological condition – are often so frightening that we refuse to even speak about it out loud.  We know it’s happening and do nothing to stop its path of destruction.  Why? Why?

Domestic Violence is one of the most complex conditions — so many causes, so many variables, so many stressors that escalate this disease — it’s often difficult to come up with one simple cure.  And just how does this disease manifest itself?  It is persistent abusive behavior inflicted by an intimate partner that affects one physically, sexually, economically, emotionally and mentally. It also affects children, other family members and sometimes even pets. And yes, it’s terribly contagious and can rapidly spread, often causing death.  One of every four women in America will unfortunately experience this disease; however, this disease exist all over the world. Since 1976 30% of all female murder victims were killed by an intimate partner.

But like any other disease, one key to working towards a cure is awareness.  October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and we must all do our part to change the tide of this epidemic.

Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something!


“I, Me and Myself” – Wednesday Write Tribe Challenge

Words That Motivate   - a-leap-of-faith

I work daily to discover the better parts of me.  There are days when I think I know myself , then out of nowhere some stranger appears. We think we know who we are, but there is more than one person buried layer upon layer — just waiting to be peeled away and used in as many ways as there are layers.

I am who I choose to be today, You and I can take giant leaps of faith and be superheroes today, but tomorrow I can be hovered in a corner by myself after an attack of life’s occasional shot of kryptonite. Each day is an adventure for me.  I just peek out from under the covers, determine the mood of the day, and either pull out my cape to tackle whatever the fearsome world throws at me or I search for covering that I find appropriate to pull myself through yet another journey of unknown discovery.

I, Me & Myself – Write Tribe Wednesday Prompt 9-17-14

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LOGOPHILE TRIPS & FALLS – Words That Drive Me Crazy!

I truly am a lover of words – all words.  But just like loving people, some are easy to deal with and and others just drive you crazy!  Though my writing journey has been long, that journey is filled with adventurous steeps and valleys. Sometimes I struggle making the climb – writing and rewriting trying to find my way to some unknown place.  Always, always there are pebbles along the way that make me stumble.  But pebbles are just pebbles and should never make me fall.

It’s interesting that the smallest things can be the very things that trip you up. In the English language there are so many little words (no matter how much we love them) that can be a writer or editor’s nightmare. We writers are all familiar with them. As good writers we must keep them under control or they could ruin a great piece of work we’ve done.

For example:  

  • Then  vs Than – Then is used in reference to time: Go through this light, then turn left at the court house. I worked there ten years ago. The building was brand new back then;  Than is used to show comparison – She is taller than her sister.  OR Than is used to show preference – I would rather walk than catch the bus.
  • Lie vs Lay – Lie is the present tense meaning recline or rest – I am going to lie down to take a nap.  Lay means to place something in a horizontal position – Please lay that book on the table.
  • Let’s vs LetsLet’s is a contraction of ‘let us’ – Let’s go to the movies today. Lets means to allow – Her mother lets them stay up as late as they want.
  • Peek vs Pique vs PeakPeek means to take a quick glance at – I peeked in her window to see i she was home. Pique means to excite or arouse – Her book really piqued my interest in Civil War history. Peak means pinnacle or highest point – We finally reached the peak of the mountain.
  • Affect vs Effect – Affect means something which brings about a change- Her face lift had a strange affect on her personality.  Effect means a change that happens as a result of – The storm had a horrific effect on the town’s economy
  • Defuse vs DiffuseDefuse literally means to remove a fuse – He was terrified when he defused the grenade.  Diffuse means widespread – The open discussions between countries continue to diffuse tensions around the world.
  • Their vs There vs They’reTheir shows possession – That was their house. There means the opposite of here. They moved over there.  They’re is contraction of ‘They are’.  They’re come to dinner late.
  • Passed vs PastPassed means to move by – I passed her as I walked down the street.  Past means before the present time – I knew her brother in the past.
  • Mine vs Mind – Mine shows my possession – That book is mine.  Mind refers to part of person that thinks. It also means excavation under the earth, i.e. coal mine.
  • Allude vs EludeAllude means to indirectly refer to sometime – She alluded to having been at the party with my sister. Elude means to avoid. He eluded the police by running into the alley.

These are only ten examples of words that drive us crazy.  The English language is full of them so be very careful as you write.  Your brain will tell you that you are using the right word but when you look at it it’s oh so wrong. Therefore, you must check your work several times. Even when writing a simple letter or e-mail it is important to check our word several times.  A simple mistake in a word could change the entire meaning of what you really meant to say. Texting has allowed us to cheat so much in sending message that we now more often misuse proper English wording.  Let’s all get back to basics. Fast Food, fast lane, and fast track thinking will sometimes get us in trouble.

Our World of Words

“When I feel the beauty in words,
I am sensing the logic of heart.” >
Toba Beta

American English language is a tough language to conquer – even for those of us born and raised in America. Now throw in slang, colloquialisms, urban expressions, cultural linguistics and now instant messaging shorthand and we are spending more and more time trying to interpret what we hear on TV or overhear in passing conversation.

As old school as I am, I attempt to keep up with the almost minute by minute language changes that range from interesting to obscene. I am amazed at how,  with just a quick turn of a phrase like “I’m just saying…” , a new word change becomes a standard phenom in this complex world of words in which we live. And half the time people are using a new turn of a phrase of which they may not even know the true meaning — “I’m just saying…”. This particular one just happens to be one that I love and I smile every time I hear it. It is just so diplomatic – it says:  “come on now… can’t you really see what’s going on?”.  At least that is what I think it is saying.

When new words, phrases, and slang come along I am oh so curious as to who really was the first person to coin the phrase. Was it just a group of guys standing on a corner, or two people in a private conversation overheard by a stranger? Somewhere in life’s transitions, words, phrases and slang are just passed on like kudzu on a Georgia Pine. Some stick to us like Kudzu as well, seeming to never die — like “keeping it cool”, “Wuzzup!”, and “OMG!!!” Can you imagine how very confused those coming to our shores for the first time – not speaking one word of English – must be as they attempt to make sense of what we are really trying to say to each other

I heard one of my friends recently say “Don’t catch a counterfeit”, which had a very poetic ring, I must say. Just those few words said so much  to me — be careful that what you end up with is genuine.
Wow – I just love it! As a lover of words I truly appreciate how creatively words can be woven and twisted to send out a thousand different messages. It’s poetic, it’s musical, it’s artful how inventive we can be with just a word — “Word Up!”


Independence Day in America has an emotional meaning for many that I never really felt as an African-American.  It must have been a beautiful thing for those who came here of their own choice – crossing the big pond with anticipation of a new and better life in America. Many generations later that has been a reality for some – life has been much better here. But the celebration for my people in this country is still in the making. This blog is not a statement of protest but of my celebration of Independence that has true meaning for me for the first time and a wonderful anticipation of new and exciting things to come as my life transitions like a moth to a butterfly.

This year – 2012 – I  am, for the first time, really celebrating an Independence Day. But this Independence Day celebration is for my own personal reasons that may or may not be of interest to others.  But for me, it’s fireworks, dancing in the street, partying ’til I drop!!  I have worked, and worked HARD, for almost 40 years.  I painfully hit that clock — morning in and morning out doing what I had to do to take care of my family and myself. I have always been a night owl and the a.m. was just not my thing.  I have fortunately had some wonderful jobs and great people I’ve worked with throughout these years who helped make getting up in the early morn a little less painful..

It has been hard to imagine this kind of freedom.  Part of me feels strange today (My first true day of freedom from work), but most me is giggling like a 10-year-old just knowing that I am now free to be totally me — planting flowers, writing blogs, bringing the books in my head to life, creating short stories, redecorating my house, visiting friends, staying out late, finding all the best flea markets in town, traveling, and more!.

My life has transitioned many times — each time I have felt the anxious feeling of the unknown then the exhilaration of a new beginning. Life’s journey is ever so interesting and I hope to make the very best of this turn in my journey’s road.